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We have already covered a distance of 278342 km with our taxis, this reducing emission by 41,75 tons of CO2

Elektrotaxi is from 2016, the first taxi corporation that is unique in Poland. We transport passengers using electric cars.

We focus on ecology at Elektrotaxi. With regard to air quality and reducing noise, so bothersome, in particular in the centre of Warsaw we guarantee public electric taxi transport. We guarantee fully environment-friendly transport in Warsaw at fair price 2,4 PLN/km.

samochody elektryczne Warszawa

ekologiczny transport Warszawa

Why electric taxi?

A taxi with a combustion engine emits nearly 4 times more pollution compared to an averagely used car. What an electric one emits while driving, on the other hand, is only... rustle resulting from air resistance. The taxis are powered by electricity. That makes them silent and friendly to the city environment. They recover kinetic energy while braking and transform it into electric energy. Tear of brake blocks and, consequently, dust given off to the environment is reduced by 80% compared to a combustion engine vehicle.


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Our fleet

For the convenience of city commuters, we drive fully electric Nissan LEAF cars. This is a quick, agile and silent car. It is roomy with a lot of space for legs and luggage. Nissan LEAF guarantees comfortable travelling for up to 4 passengers.

ekologiczne taksówki Warszawa

What makes us unique?

elektryczna taksówka Warszawa

Electric taxis friendly to inhabitants, silent and not emitting exhaust fumes


Ecology at fair price

ekologiczny transport Warszawa

Professional services

Opinions on Elektrotaxi Warsaw

  • “They're fantastic. Clean, tidy cars and very well-behaved drivers. The entire drive was very pleasant. I will certainly use your services again. I highly recommend Elektrotaxi Warsaw!”

    Justyna S.

  • “I am a visitor to Warsaw and don't know the city at all. I know, taxi drivers in Warsaw frequently take a roundabout route so as to make the charge bigger and bigger. It did not happen with Elektrotaxi. I am extremely pleased with that. I have checked it at GPS and know that the driver has chosen the quickest and fastest route. From now on I am going to use nothing but Elektrotaxi when I come to Warsaw.”

    Ola G.

  • “A return from a night out might be difficult and frequently cumbersome. Luckily, Elektrotaxi drivers are not only very friendly and well-behaved, but also extremely understanding. It looks like we're going to have a long-standing cooperation :)”

    Bartek I.

  • “Finally, there's a corporation that thinks about the environment and air pollution in Warsaw. Electric cars are a great idea! I am switching from buses to Elektrotaxi. Permanently! I highly recommend.”

    Zuzia S.

  • “Friendly drivers and high standard of travelling - that's one thing. The price for a drive is a whole of a different thing. You can't find a taxi as cheap as Elektrotaxi in Warsaw. Since now, I don't need to risk being late for an important meeting choosing public transport. I am simply going to order a taxi.”

    Alan S.

  • “I have ordered a taxi to the airport, but it was so late. Luckily, the other one I ordered was Elektrotaxi. It came next to my house in an instant. The driver, probably Mr Krzysiek, knew that I needed to get to Modlin as quickly as possible, because I had lost a lot of time for their competitors. Finally, I came to the airport safely 40 minutes before the check-in. I RECOMMEND ELEKTROTAXI!”

    Wojtek U.

  • “Silence. Perfect silence. I came to love travelling with Elektrotaxi. The driver does not torment me with speaking and the car allows me to soothe and forget about everything. Electric cars are an excellent idea.”

    Tomek R.

  • “The most relaxing travels in the world. The comfort, silence, smoothness of driving and elegance - to put it short, I have everything I need here. What is more, they're fully environment-friendly and clean. I highly recommend Elektrotaxi Warsaw!”

    Zosia T.

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